We may be small, but that doesn’t give you the license to bully us: President

14 Jan 2024 | 14:14
President Dr.Mohamed Muizzu-- photo: Voice

Being a smaller country does not give the world the license to intimidate and bully the people and the country, said President Dr.Mohamed Muizzu  giving a strong message to the world, especially India. 

The President's message came in a statement issued at the VIA today after concluding his official visit to China. The President concluded his 18-minute statement with a message in English.

He said the country may be small but no one will get a license to intimidate the people and the country.

The President's message is aimed at neighboring India. The President's entire statement was an indirect and strongly verbal attacks on India. He also assured that Maldives would end its dependence on India.

The President said that although the size of the Maldivian islands are small, the country has one of the largest shares in the Indian Ocean. Maldives shares 900,000 acres of this sea. He also said in his statement that the Indian Ocean is not the property of anyone.

""This sea does not belong to any particular country. This sea belongs to all the surrounding countries. And the sea area that does not belong to any country is too large. We are not in the backyard of any particular people. We are an independent country." President Dr.Muizzu said.

Maldives will stand on its own feet and end dependence on certain people, he said.  He said he would end the dependence on one country. The President is referring to the dependence on neighboring India in some important areas. However, he did not name India exactly.