Maldives is the only country permitted to carry people from one city to another inside China: Saeed

13 Jan 2024 | 14:06
Signing of the Agreement between China and Maldives--

Economic Development and Trade Minister Mohamed Saeed has said that only Maldives has been allowed to move people from one city to another city of China.

Speaking to state media (PSM), Minister Saeed said that under the Free Trade Agreement, Maldives will have access to air services to all destinations in China.

He also said that this is  a good opportunity to increase the number of tourists coming to Maldives.

"So our own airline, for example, when it comes to bringing tourists to the country, a free trade agreement will make it easier to facilitate more flights. We have another opportunity. It is taking people from one destination to another in China. It is not a service provided to anyone here. If the information I have received is not wrong, our airline is carrying people from one city to another in China." said minister Saeed.

He noted that this is one of the strongest efforts of the agreements made with China.

The President Dr.Mohamed Muizzu is currently on a visit to China and is scheduled to sign a number of agreements with China. So far, he has signed a number of agreements on housing, health, infrastructure development and the economy.