MP Haitham leaves MDP

28 Sep 2023 | 19:20
MP Haathim

Member of Parliament for Machchangolhi South Constituency MP Ahmed Haitham leaves the main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party. 

In a letter addressed to the MDP Chairperson Fayyaz Ismail, Hathim stated that he joined the party as part of the journey for justice that began to serve the Maldives. He stated that during his time in the party, he had made some efforts in parliament to ensure the rights of the people with loyalty and integrity. 

He also pointed out four important issues raised by him in parliament. These included;

1) In the case of illegal immigrants living in the Maldives

2) The ventilator scam that came to light during COVID-19 and

3) The issue of NDA reform and

4) Delays in health care in the country are putting people's lives at risk and dying.

Haitham said that while these issues are important issues directly related to the rights of the people and the MDP is the ruling party, he has not been supported by the party leadership to find an appropriate solution by focusing on these issues.

I believe that it is best for this party as well as for me to leave a party that doesn't have the principles I believe in. Therefore, I left the party on September 26, 2023

Said Haitham

In addition to Haitham, Fonadhoo MP Moosa Siraj had also quit the party on August 21. He has now joined the opposition party.