Minister Abdulla Shahid Receives 14-Day Notice to Respond to Allegations

23 May 2023 | 06:01
Foreign Minister Shahid

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid has been formally notified of a deadline of 14 days within which to provide a response to the allegations presented before the parliament concerning his perceived lack of reliability pertaining to the Chagos dispute.

Last week, a proposal was introduced in the parliament stating that Foreign Minister Shahid has not been fulfilling his obligations as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It was alleged that he failed to provide adequate counsel to the President in support of the Maldives' interests and that he significantly contributed to the loss of Maldivian territorial waters.

During today's parliamentary session, Vice President of the Parliament, Eva Abdulla, announced that a petition signed by 13 members had been submitted to the parliament on the 18th of this month, expressing concerns about the trustworthiness of Minister Shahid.

The Vice President of the Parliament stated that Minister Shahid has been formally served a 14-day notice in relation to the aforementioned matter.

The opposition has levied accusations against Minister Abdulla Shahid, alleging that he spearheaded and facilitated a $500 million deal that resulted in the exchange of Maldivian territory.

In relation to these allegations, parliamentary members of Etihad have stated that efforts were made to locate the letter sent by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to the Prime Minister of Mauritius. However, as of now, the contents of the letter have not been disclosed or made public.

Etihad reiterated that the government's decision to keep the letter confidential strengthens the claims of a clandestine agreement being made to sell Maldivian territorial waters.

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath has also faced accusations alongside Minister Shahid in relation to this matter, and he has likewise been issued a 14-day notice.