Raabadhi Challenge 2023: Previous champion 'Joali Being' wins Charity Shield match!

09 May 2023 | 06:20
Joali Being holding the Charity Shield

“Joali Being” has won the Charity Shield futsal match played to mark the beginning of Maldives largest inter-resort futsal challenge, "RDC Raabadhi challenge 2023", organized by R. Meedhoo’s Jamiyyathuh Salah for R. atoll resorts.

The Tourism Minister Dr. Abdullah Mausoom honored this match played in the futsal turf of R. Meedhoo.

Joali Being, last year champion of Raabadhi Challenge won the match after a competitive play with last year's runner up team ‘You & Me’ with a score of 1-0. The only goal in the match was scored in the second half by Joali Being's player Abdhullah Haneef.

In last night's Charity Shield match, Joali Being's goalkeeper Mamdhooh Shifau was selected as the best player.

In the finals of last year's Raabadhi challenge, these two teams competed, with team Joali Being winning the match with a huge difference in score of 0-6. However, in tonight's match You & Me showed a competitive and fierce play.

This year’s raabadhi challenge where a total of 14 teams participated is to be held with these teams being divided into 4 groups. While group 1 and 2 will have 4 teams each, the remaining two groups will have 3 teams.

The teams who end up in 1st and 2nd place of group 1 and 2 matches are selected to play in the quarterfinals while the team that ends up first in group 3 and 4 matches are selected to compete in quarterfinals. The last two spots for quarterfinals will be secured by the winner of the 2 play-off matches held between the teams of Group 3 and 4 that places 3rd and 4th place.

The group stage matches will kick off tonight till the 16th of this month. Two matches are set to be played each night.

The rest of the matches are scheduled as follows:

-17th May- two play-off matches of group 3 and 4.

-18th and 19th May- 4 matches of quarterfinals.

-20th May- semi-final.

-22nd May-final.

In the first two group stage matches to be played tonight, Dhigali Maldives and Cora Cora will play at 21:00 while Kudafushi and Reethi Faru will play at 22:00.