JCI Maldives is committed to empowering youth and community development.

27 Apr 2023 | 12:50
Executive Committee of JCI

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a non-profit organisation that works with over a 100 countries and over 200,000 members to promote youth empowerment and encourage the youth to create positive changes for a better future. 

Since the Maldivian branch of JCI was created in 2007, many forums and projects have been carried out to solve youth issues, give the youth a chance to exhibit their talents, and create responsible leaders for the future of Maldives. 

In addition, this organisation has worked with other organisations to raise funds to help those affected by financial hardship, and has made major contributions to peacekeeping. 

Members of the Maldivian branch of JCI

Recently, the annual elections were held and new members were inaugurated under JCI's "One Year to Lead" philosophy. 

Newly elected members of the committee 

• President - Ahmed Farih Mohamed

• Executive Vice President - Noor Rashad

• Vice President - Aishath Nuha

• Secretary General - Aishath Gahir

• Public Relations Officer - Rajani Shrestha (Rizz)

• Chief Financial Officer - Mohamed Evan

• General Legal Council - Rifqa Ibrahim 

• Executive Director - Mohamed Aruham

• President's Special Advisor - Muees Moosa

• Director - Shafraz Ahmed

• Director - Shamoon Afeef

• International Relations and Political Advisor  - Mohamed Hoodh

 New plans of development for the youth and society along with the new leading committee 

Ahmed Farih Mohamed, newly elected president of JCI's leading committee for the next year, highlighted some plans of the organisation for the youth and the society set to be carried out this year.

These plans include special trainings in different fields in order to help the youth to use their full potential to contribute to be useful to the society. 

He had also mentioned some social events are being planned to strengthen the bond between members of the society, and that JCI Maldives will also be participating in several international conferences.

In addition, as seen in previous years, plans to work in partnership with independent Maldivian organisations and institutions have been made. 

Farih also stated that JCI will be helping in the monitoring of the presidential elections set to be held later this year. 

For any inquiries or more information regarding the JCI or the programs being carried out by JCI, contact the organisation's phone number +9609512010 or their email [email protected]

JCI Maldives website: www.jci.mv