Companies which were given government compensation to be confidential this year

12 Apr 2023 | 23:47
Building of Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

Ministry of Finance has refused to reveal the companies which were to receive the 97 million Maldivian 'Rufiyaa' spent by the government as compensation. 

When questioned appropriately under the right to information act by Mihaaru news in February, Ministry of Finance stated that they cannot reveal the names of these companies as it would breach the agreements of confidentiality which were made. 

When Ministry of Finance was first approached regarding this, they asked to request Planning Ministry for this information, meaning that the compensations were given for projects given to private organisations by Planning Ministry - however, Planning Ministry refused to reveal the names of these organisations.

Even though it was refused to reveal the names of the companies which were given the government compensation of 97 million rufiyaa this year, this information is not something that is usually private as it has been revealed in previous years. 

The total budget declared by the state as compensations and fines to be paid to the courts by the government for this year is 101 million rufiyaa. This means that 96% of this year's budget has been spent within the first three months. 

As per the calculations by the Ministry of Finance, 93 million rufiyaa has been spent as compensation up to February of this year - the new calculations released yesterday revealed that 4 more million rufiyaa was added to this. 

96% of the budget declared as fines and compensations for the government to pay courts, has been spent as the exact budget is 101 million rufiyaa. 

1.6 billion rufiyaa has been spent within the past four years by the state as fines and compensations due to unlawful terminations of agreements made by the government. 

The government has spent above the set budget for the past four years. 

Along with the criticism towards the government regarding these compensations, it has also been proven in a report released by the ACC, in 2021, that the settlement committee, which was created to manage these compensations, has given unfair advantages to many due to the lack of a code of conduct in handling these compensations. 

Man. i really did want to know the companies that were given compensation.
13 Apr 2023