Two years since Moosa Manik’s landing craft left stranded after being swept onto reef despite being asked to retrieve it

11 Apr 2023 | 21:45
Reeko Moosa Manik and president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

A landing craft which belongs to Heavy Load, the company of former vice president of people’s majilis, Moosa Manik (Reeko Moosa), was swept onto a reef in Shaviyani atoll Nalandhoo.

The craft which got swept onto the reef on the 14th of September 2020, has been stranded for two years despite its company being asked by the EPA to retrieve it multiple times. 

The heavily loaded landing craft had been carrying a large number of possessions including a generator belonging to Fenaka Corporation Limited. 

While speaking to “Voice” regarding this issue, Ibrahim Naeem, the director general of EPA, stated that it has been asked many times to retrieve this landing craft, and that EPA could not do anything further as EPA’s duty is to assess the aftermath of a stranded vessel once it is rescued.

After highlighting that a company can only be fined for a vessel swept onto a reef after it has been retrieved, Ibrahim Naeem mentioned that the landing craft was still not fetched after multiple requests to do so. 

He then stated that the EPA’s job is to take action regarding anything related to environmental damage. 

Ibrahim Naeem also mentioned that the landing craft would cause major damages to the environment and negatively affect Nalandhoo if left the way it is.

Hussain Rasheed
Interesting.. Hope Ibrahim can pull this off
12 Apr 2023