Transparency Maldives presents President Solih the report on corruption in health sector

20 Mar 2023 | 17:07
During the meeting of Transparency Maldives and the incumbent President

Transparency Maldives met with incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih last Thursday and presented the Report of the Study on Corruption Vulnerabilities in the Maldives Health Sector, conducted by Transparency Maldives.

They tweeted today that during the meeting, Transparency Maldives had proposed the formation of a Working Group with all stakeholders including civil society, to draw up an action plan to implement the recommendations of the report.

They stated that President Solih had expressed his commitment to working together with all stakeholders to implement the recommendations in the report to eliminate the corruption vulnerabilities identified in the study.

They added that he also stated that he welcomes the participation of the civil society in the fight against corruption.

The report by Transparency Maldives identifies several key areas of concern, including the speed and frequency of reforms in the health sector, lack of transparency across the board and poor monitoring and oversight.

They stated that these corruption vulnerabilities lead not only undermining of public trust in the healthcare system, but also have serious consequences for patient outcomes and general public health in the country.