Inthi submits a resolution to put a stop to government influencing elections

14 Mar 2023 | 18:26
Member of north Maafannu constituency Imthiyaz Fahmy

Due to the government influencing the elections, a resolution has been submitted to the People’s Majlis calling for the implementation of the promise made by the government to hold fair and independent elections.

This resolution was submitted by MDP member of North Maafannu constituency Imthiyaz Fahmy (Inthi) in today's Parliament meeting.

The resolution submitted by Inthi stated that a reliable solution hasn’t been found for the concerns expressed by citizens, political parties and civil society organizations regarding the government influencing the elections.

Hence, his resolution called for holding elections in accordance with the promise made by the government  to implement and enable free and fair elections.

It stated that since one of core pillars of democracy is ensuring the elections are held in a free, fair, transparent and credible way, and since the Article 26 of Constitution ensures the right to vote and the right to face elections, the process to do so should be free and fair.

In addition it also stated that MDP had made a promise to hold fair and free elections before they came to power in 2018, but that the implementation of the promise cannot be seen. As such it is unknown whether the government has a clear policy and that suspicions of them influencing the elections were increasing.

The resolution stated that the elections where incumbent President Mohamed Solih and the higher ups of his government competed, had combined official state visits with campaign visits and that the motive behind this combination was to use the state funds, resources and employees in a deceitful manner. And that these actions are undue influence on the election.

It added that the government and it's companies are increasing their political positions and providing employment to influence the election and are forcing their employees to support and campaign for the candidate they are partial to. And that if the employees don't comply they are threatened to be fired from their job in government positions.

In addition, it stated the government had also announced projects and SME loans and accused the government of talking in a threatening manner saying that if vote is not given to the candidate supported by the government these projects will be stopped.

 The resolution finally highlighted that equal opportunities are not being provided by broadcasters to all the election candidates, and  instead they have campaigned openly for the candidate supported by the government.

Hence, as undue influence and power is being used for the election, the resolution called out for putting a stop to these actions and to hold the elections in a fair and free way in accordance with the promise made by MDP.