Transparency Maldives calls for an urgent investigation on the brutal actions of Police

14 Mar 2023 | 13:58
Police force---Picture: Voice

Transparency Maldives has once again condemned the actions of Maldives Police Service during protests held by the opposition.

In a Tweet today, they stated that they strongly condemn the continued obstruction of peaceful protests, the use of brutal force, and the arrest of protestors and media personnel by the Police force during the series of protests that have been organized by the opposition coalition.

Highlighting that freedom of expression and peaceful assembly play a key role in defending human rights, they stated that the videos of the most recent protest last night, showed police officers using excessive force against protestors and arrest of 12 individuals exercising their right to assembly.

They added that the actions of the Police impede the right to freedom of peaceful assembly enshrined in the Constitution and are in direct contravention to a number of international instruments including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which Maldives is party to.

Transparency Maldives called out HRC, NIC and Prosecutor General's Office stating that a full and urgent investigation must be carried into the actions of the Police, the institution and its personnel.

They also reminded Human Rights Commission (HRC) and National Integrity Commission (NIC) of their constitutionally mandated responsibilities to investigate the continued prosecution under Criminal Law of people exercising their rights to free expression and assembly and continued impunity of police in restricting these freedoms.

In addition, Transparency Maldives has reiterated their calls for Police to immediately release all those who were detained for engaging in peaceful protest and media personnel detained for covering the protests, and to ensure that the right to peaceful assembly can be freely exercised.

They also called out to the government and People’s Parliament to work together to bring the law into compliance with international human rights law & revoke unconstitutional provisions which unduly limit the exercise of the right of peaceful assembly (including the requirement to obtain prior permission).