The law should be amended to increase the role of women in the parliament: Nasheed

08 Mar 2023 | 16:04
Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed/ Picture: Majlis

The Parliamentary Speaker, Mohamed Nasheed has stated that the law should be amended to increase the role of women in the Parliament.

During the opening of the Parliament session today, in regards to the celebration of International Women’s Day, Nasheed stated that he believed that the citizens would be considering the inclusion of women in the parliament.

And that it is the responsibility of the political parties to bring amendment to the constitution to change the composition of parliament in a way that is inclusive of women.

He added that determination should be there to work towards increasing the role of women in the parliament and find special opportunities for them through it.

From the total 87 members of the parliament only 4 are women; the deputy Speaker and member of  North Galolhu constituency Eva Abdulla, member of Addu Meedhoo constituency Rozaina Adam, member of Hinnavaru constituency Jeehan Mahmood, and member of Thulhaadhoo constituency Hisaan Hussain.