Submission of two president’s issue wasn’t to obtain presidency for Faisal: Opposition

08 Mar 2023 | 15:41
Conference held by PPM/ Picture: PPM

The opposition has stated that the issue they had submitted to Supreme court regarding there being two sworn Presidents wasn't an attempt to obtain presidency for vice president Faisal Naseem.

A press conference was held by the opposition to discuss the matter of Supreme court dismissing the case submitted by the opposition regarding two sworn presidents.

In this conference, Adam Shareef, the deputy leader of the opposition coalition’s party, PNC, stated that there are major legal conflicts with having two sworn presidents.

He stated that if a legal solution cannot be found for this issue immediately, then similar issues are likely to arise in the near future.

He added that the oppositions aim wasn’t to change the presidency and that they are instead working to resolve the legal mistake, that had been made within the legal framework, and make certain it is not repeated in the future.

“We are not trying to obtain the presidency for Faisal, nor separate the president from his position. However, what we believe is that when an oath is made by the vice president that should not be legally made through the Parliament Speaker and the Chief Justice, it is a serious constitutional issue.” Stated Shareef.

The opposition highlighted that this issue of two presidents, being dismissed by the court is a huge concern and that they would look into the issue during PPM’s presidential terms if a legal solution is not found.