EPA investigates into the case of reef damage by Kandooma Resort

22 Feb 2023 | 15:30
Pictures from the area

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has started investigating Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma due to  a case of sand and rocks being removed illegally  from the islands nearshore.

Voice has received information that the management of Kandoomaa had used an excavator to dig the islands nearshore, making the area deeper and removed sand and rocks without the permission of EPA.

Voice has received pictures and information of the area that had been constructed without permission. The area where sand was removed and made deeper was estimated to be the size of a football field.

This sand had also been used to create an artificial beach where huts and chairs have already been placed.

Voice has even received a letter sent from EPA to the resort stating that they were looking into what has to be investigated about the case of illegal removal of sand and rock.

Usually resorts and councils who takes such actions without the permission of EPA are fined by a significant amount.

Hotel Properties Limited is the owner of this resort and employing key people like EAM Shahid locally known as Goblin breaking Maldives laws.
10 Mar 2023
Mark Eletr
I believe these abuses happened under a previous administration of Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives Resort. Shahid is behind all these abuses in our resort. He should be behind bars. I am protecting our business rights.
20 Mar 2023