Opposition condemns Defense Minister's mocking words

18 Feb 2023 | 20:23
"India out" campaign by opposition---picture: PPM

Opposition coalition has strongly condemned the mocking actions of Defense Minister Maria Ahmed Didi directed at the suffering of a Maldivian son.

A press statement was released by the opposition today regarding the mocking statements made by the defense minister in the ceremony held last night to commemorate the handing over of presidential ticket of MDP to incumbent President Iboo Solih.

It stated that the action of joking and mocking about the suffering faced by a Maldivian who went abroad by a person who hold the position of Defense Minister is unacceptable for Maldivian citizens.

They strongly condemn the praises made to please India's BJP by people in several government positions and are causing the citizens to fall into poverty just to please India.

They called out for Maria to apologize to the “Maldivian son” (Abduhsamadh) who was deported as another Maldivian citizen.

It also stated that the coalition believes the Maldivian police and military are ready to save the country’s independence and sovereignty at any time it is threatened, and that they would be the first in line to face the threat. Moreover, no person who has served sincerely in the police or military would disgrace the country and would defend the country’s independence at any given time.

They stated that a person who has mocked Maldivian police force and the military describing them as snowflakes and generally abuses them being put in the position of defense minister shows how much this government values them.

Highlighting this they stated the actions of the government such as giving India’s military space here, giving away Maldivian islands to India anyhow they desire, giving away Maldivian citizens money worth millions to Indian companies as well as giving land to foreigners at low prices, all indicates that the government is attempting to deceive Maldivian citizens and enslave them to Indians.

As such, they called out to put an immediate stop of all these actions.