Presidential ticket of MDP has been officially handed over to President Solih

18 Feb 2023 | 10:20
President Solih receiving the party ticket---picture: voice

The presidential ticket of MDP for the presidential election of 2023 has been handed over to the leader of the party and incumbent president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih who succeeded the primary elections.

It was handed over by MDP chairperson and economic minister Fayyaz Ismail last night and was officially accepted by President Solih.

In the primary election held to decide the holder of the presidential ticket, two presidents of the party had competed.

With 15641  votes the Speaker of People's Parliament Mohamed Nasheed (candidate 1) obtained 38.9% of the total cast votes.

On the other hand with 24566 votes President Solih received 61.10% of total cast votes.

After the primary election was over President Solih requested to bring an end to the tension between the two factions that had formed within the party and work together instead.

He had repeated the request whilst addressing the party members after securing the party ticket.