Opposition has met with UN Resident Coordinator expressing their concerns

14 Feb 2023 | 00:33
Meeting with the UN Resident Coordinator

The opposition has met with UN Resident Coordinator and expressed concerns about the verdict on their leader President Yameen.

The opposition tweeted about the meeting with UN Resident Coordinator H.E Catherine Haswell yesterday, stating that the coalition had voiced their concerns on the unlawful incarceration of President Yameen.

 They also stated that they had expressed their concerns about the democratic backsliding due to the misuse of constitutional powers by the current regime.

During MMPRC scam, in the lease transaction of V. Aarah, the state convicted President Yameen of money laundering and bribery charges and was sentenced to 11 years in prison on the 25th of last December.

Due to this, the opposition have been constantly protesting, calling for the release of their leader and candidate for the presidential elections that is going to be held in September.