Delays in opening the Salman Mosque is due to Saudi not giving a date: Zahir

13 Feb 2023 | 16:09
Islamic minister Zahir---picture: Majlis

Islamic minister Dr Ahmed Zahir has stated that the official opening of King Salman Mosque is being delayed due to Saudi not giving a date.

He stated this answering a question asked by a parliament member during a parliament meeting today. He was also asked if there were any pending works of the mosque.

Answering his question the minister stated that all work was completed. However the delay in the official opening of the mosque was due to a date not being finalized even after multiple discussions with Saudi.

“Before Covid came, discussions were made with the foreign ministry, president’s office and the ministry and back then a few days later Saudi’s Islamic ministry people arrived at Maldives and after discussions about opening preparations were made. From then they said a later date will be decided and sent to the ministry and inform Maldives. They would inform the state when they get a date. We tried even after that but still haven’t got a date and are unsure when we will be able to open.”

King Salman mosque was constructed under the free aid of Saudi government during the presidency of Yameen Abdul Gayoom. It has enough capacity to facilitate 6000 people for prayers.

In addition to this in the mosque also has a library, a centre for quran, a multipurpose hall and an auditorium.

When the government was criticized due to the delay in opening of the mosque and opened it temporarily.