First country Chinese medical team visited after Covid is Maldives: Ambassador

12 Feb 2023 | 13:20
Ambassador Wang Lixin

Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Maldives Wang Lixin stated that the first country that was visited by the Chinese medical team after the China borders opened after covid-19 was Maldives.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of ophthalmology center assistance and cooperation program yesterday, Wang Lixin stated that the medical team came to Maldives immediately after China’s borders opened in January.

And that this shows how much importance the Chinese government has attached to this project and also to the health of the Maldivian people and to the friendship between the two countries.

She also stated that just two days ago while encouraging the medical team, Chinese president Xi Jinping, pointed out that the Chinese people love peace and that they cherish lives which is vividly illustrated by their efforts in international medical assistance.

She also highlighted that this year marks the 6th anniversary of China sending medical teams abroad to other countries to help the local people’s medical treatment.