Suood has criticized JSC for taunting judges

12 Feb 2023 | 11:24
previous Attorney General Suood---picture: Sun

President of the Judges Association Husnu Al Suood has expressed his displeasure about Judicial Service Commission(JSC) asking insulting questions to judges while investigating their disciplinary issues.

Speaking at the conclusion of annual meeting of Judges association Suood stated that there should be a code of conduct for the JSC investigators to follow whilst questioning judges about their disciplinary issues.

However, after summoning the judges to hear about the disciplinary issues JSC asked them simple questions with no relevance to the matter.

“Even recently some people that were brought in are questioning the employees of the judges, when the judges ate did they not give you leftovers, you can’t ask like this, did they eat without giving you leftovers, why wasn’t chicken brought that day, why wasn’t beef brought?” stated Suood.

Suood took this example in relation to the questioning done by JSC where a feast was prepared by Judge Mahaaz, after Supreme Court ruled on the appeal for the 5-year jail sentence handed down by the Criminal Court, on the opposition coalitions leader, president Yameen.

Suood who even served as Attorney General described the questions as something being done to taunt the judges.

“These questions for teasing, with the intention to taunt us, in a mocking tone, should not be asked in such an insulting manner.” Stated suood.

He also stated that behavioral issues should be more defined in the law and that certain rules have to be maintained. And that behavioral issues should not investigated due to judges taking decisions after consideration of judicial matters.

In addition to this he also highlighted that investigation into conduct of judges should not be a political issue. And that the pressure on the judges due to changes of presidential terms should be brought to a stop.