India's Renatus company to develop Gan Airport

08 Feb 2023 | 16:10
Gan airport---picture: Google

The development of Gan airport has been handed to the Indian construction company Renatus.

At Gan Airports 80th annual anniversary ceremony held today, the chairman of the company that runs Gan airport, Haamid Nasheed Mohamed, announced that development of the airport had been handed over to Renatus.

Hence, an agreement will be signed with Renaatus company before the end of this month.

Gan Airport is being developed by using a line of credit loan of 17 million dollars (272.2 million rufiyaa) given by Indian Exim Bank.

With the development of the oldest airport of Maldives it will have shops, restaurants, lounge, fire and rescue services and other additional facilities.

The development of the terminal will also facilitate 1.5 million passengers a year with modern resources.

A new control tower will also be built in addition to a fire station, cold storage and cargo facilities.

Airport roads and parking spaces will also be developed.

Renatus is a company that has been undertaking construction projects here in Maldives.

For instance, a flat building in Hulhumale named “Renatus Ithaamuiy” has been built. There is also another ongoing flat project in Hulhumale Phase 2.

In addition to this, they worked on the buildings of Maldives National University’s faculty of Hospitality and Tourism with the assistance of India.