Selling land to foreigners will bankrupt Maldivian businesses: Saeed

08 Feb 2023 | 13:19
Member of Maavashu constituency Mohamed Saeed

Member of Maavashu constituency Mohamed Saeed has stated that Sale of Thilafushi land to foreign companies at such low prices for a long time will be a major barrier to Maldivian businessmen.

He had tweeted this expressing his concerns in regards to the issue where the government decided to sell Thilafushi land to foreigners for 99 years.

In this tweet he highlighted some future difficulties that Maldivian firms would have to face due to the sale of the land to foreigners which is currently essential for industrial work and warehousing.

He stated that Maldivian businesses are already facing difficulties while trying to purchase lands for trade in Male' area as the lands are extremely expensive .

In this condition if Thilafushi land is sold to foreigners then there would be additional barriers for businesses overcome in order to trade, stated Saeed.

He also stated that at present the government had already allocated 2 lands from Thilafushi to foreigners. And that there was no doubt about who will control more Thilafushi lands in the future.

Thus, he called out the government to get back the lands that were given away for 99 years and to change the policies immediately.

Even previously he had described the issue as something that would cast a shadow on the future of Maldivian firms.

Recently the opposition have been constantly criticizing and opposing the policy of sale of lands to foreigners. Yesterday they submitted the matter to the parliament calling to put a stop to this.

However, the issue was thrown out the parliament where majority was MDP members.