“Honorable” members of the “people” will have to take responsibility for country's “poverty”: Ali Ihusaan

07 Feb 2023 | 15:16
Former MNDF captain Ihusaan

Former captain of MNDF Ali Ihusaan, has expressed concerns over Thilafushi land being sold to foreigners.

In a tweet today he called out parliament members who voted for not discussing the issue of how Thilafushi land is being given away to Indian companies for 99 years.

He stated that these “honorable” members of the “people” will have to take responsibility for “poverty” that the country will face due to this decision.

HDC announced last Thursday that Thilafushi land is to be sold, with Maldivian companies having the right to own, while also allowing the allocation of land for foreign companies for 99 years.

In regards to this, Adam Shareef Umar, member of Maduhvaree constituency, submitted this issue in today's parliament.

He stated that selling Thilafushi land, which is essential for industrial work and warehousing, at low such prices for 99 years to foreign companies would be devastating to Maldivian economy and businessmen.

He also stated that it would also be harmful for small to medium sized businesses as competing with large foreign firms narrows the opportunities for Maldivian businesses, while also giving control to foreign companies to manipulate the firms.

However, the issue was thrown out with 36 members voting to not accept the issue while 9 voted otherwise.