Actions taken weren’t with the intention to injure the journalists: Police

06 Feb 2023 | 22:09
journalist injured in protest

Police have expressed their concerns for the two journalists who were injured in today’s protest stating that they had no intentions to do so.

A statement released by the police tonight stated that it was extremely concerning to the Maldives Police Service that 2 journalists were injured in the oppositions protest today.

They stated that from the investigations thus far it cannot be concluded that there were any actions by the Police directed at the two journalists with the intentions to injure them.

They also stated that they had warned that they were going to disband the protest and had begun moving forward with their shields.

They highlighted that during this time actions like protestors pushing and shoving against the reporters and the reporters pushing and shoving against the Police shields was what caused the journalists to fall.

Police added that a full review is being prepared about this incident by professional standards command department.

During the oppositions protest today at People’s Majlis area, several people were injured including two journalists.

One journalist who was severely injured lost his consciousness and was immediately taken to ADK hospital ICU where he was treated.

His family has stated that they were going to fly him to Sri Lanka tonight, as his condition was still severe.

Due to this, several people have criticized the police for using excessive force whilst trying to stop the protest.