Injured journalist from the protest to be flown abroad for further treatment

06 Feb 2023 | 21:45
journalist Shahydh

Channel 13 reporter Hassan Shahydh’s family has decided to take him to Sri Lanka for further treatment for injury sustained in opposition protest.

A press statement raleased by the opposition stated that Shahydh had passed out after being hit by a Police shield in the oppositions protest held in the People’s Majlis area today.

They also stated that he had awoken now after hours of treatment in the ADK hospital ICU.

According to the doctors, he had suffered a concussion due to brain injury and his state remains serious despite having gained consciousness.

Due to this, his family has decided to fly him to Sri Lanka for further treatment.

In a press conference held by the opposition today PPM’s vice president Ahmed Shiyam also stated that Shaydh had said that the Police were threatening him.

In addition to Shahyd, another journalist and a few other people were also hospitalized after being injured due to Police using excessive force to disperse the protest. 17 arrests have also been made and the opposition have called for their release.