Action taken against a man who interrupted oppositions rally

04 Feb 2023 | 16:16
the man who interrupted the rally---picture:vaguthu

Action has been taken against a man who interrupted the rally held by the opposition PPM yesterday.

A man on a cycle, wearing a yellow t-shirt broke through line of police officers as well as the security of rally organizers, creating dispute amongst the participants of the rally.

“Bunvaru” rally began at 4 pm yesterday, with an estimated 5000 participants, calling for the release of their leader president Yameen, and protesting that the verdict against him was haram.

This was one of the events of “hope” conference held by the opposition which kicked off this Thursday marking the start of preparations for the presidential elections held in September.

The Action department chair Mohamed Ismail stated that they had met with the police to organize the rally and the police had assured them of their support. Thus, the rally would proceed in accordance with the instructions given by the police.

However, the protest was interrupted by the man in yellow aggravating the rally participants.

He was immediately stopped by the police as well as PPM and PNC members and was taken to a nearby house for his protection.

He was not arrested but the police stated last night that the man that entered the political party’s protest was brought under their watch. and that action has been taken against him in accordance with traffic Acts. Thus, his cycle was towed for 15 days.

Even though the interruption aggravated the crowd temporarily, the rally still ended peacefully at artificial beach.