"bunvaru" rally held by the opposition

04 Feb 2023 | 11:06
'bunvaru' rally---picture:voice

A rally was held yesterday by the opposition PPM called "bunvaru" and ended successfully with a substantial number of participants.

As a part of “hope” conference which began this Thursday, the rally was held at 4pm yesterday, in front of the ppm office. The rally then moved to the main streets authorized by the Maldives police and ended back in Artificial Beach.

The participants of the rally which totaled to an estimate of 5000, called out the for the release of the presidential candidate as well as the former president of Maldives Yameen Abdul Gayoom, protesting that the verdict against him was haram.

The Action department chair Mohamed Ismail stated that they had met with the police to organize the rally and that the police had assured them of their support. Thus, the rally would proceed in accordance with the instructions given by the police.

However, a dispute did occur when a man in a yellow t-shirt broke through security lines of police and rally organizers, aggravating the protestors. He was quickly taken under watch of the police.

In addition to this protest a gathering is to be held tonight to mark the end of hope conference named “dhuhpaan”.