10 arrests made during today's opposition protest

10 Oct 2022 | 22:13
Photo: Voice

10 people have been arrested during today's protest held by the opposition PPM/PNC to raise their voices on behalf of fishermen, citing that the government of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has not fulfilled its pledges to fishermen. 

The protest which was named "Linaaru" was held by the opposition today evening, protesters called for the Resignation of President Solih. The protestors stated that President Solih had not fulfilled his pledges to fishermen. The opposition also said that fishermen were badly hit during President Solih's administration. 

Shortly after the opposition started the protest, police barricaded the protesters and closed off the area. 

According to PPM spokesperson, Heena Waleed, Police used tear gas to disperse the protestors and 10 people were arrested. 

Speaking about the protest, the President of the Opposition Movement Committee Mohamed Ismail said that many pledges have been made by the current government to win the 2018 presidential election. 

Speaking in this regard, Mohamed said that the President has pledged to establish special platforms for fishermen and reduce the price of oil, but that fishing families have suffered during the past four years.

Mohamed Ismail further stated that the opposition should work to hold the government accountable according to the law of a political party. Therefore, today's protest is to fulfil that responsibility according to Mohamed Ismail.