3rd Joint National Hydrographic Survey begins in the Maldives

23 Jan 2023 | 16:56
Survey team meeting. Picture: MNDF

The Maldivian Government and India have launched their 3rd joint hydrographic survey in the Maldives. The survey is being conducted in line with the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed in 2018.

The Indian Naval Vessel INS Investigator is surveying the northernmost atolls with additional INS investigators, small vessels and helicopters. GPS has also been installed along the coastline to map out the underwater during these Hydrographic surveys.  

The 24-hour basis survey is set to collect information about the reefs and lagoons, chart coastlines and install tide poles to study ocean currents and tides levels. 

The third hydrographic survey is set to be conducted from January 23rd and continues until February 28th by Maldives Hydrographic Service in collaboration with Indian Navy. 

Opposition coalition and locals have raised concerns over the Indian government's involvement in the affairs of the country. Despite the concern, MNDF responded by stating that there is no concern over the following hydrographic service and stated that it would be beneficial for Maldivian Travelers.