A protest has broken out upon President Solih’s arrival in Guraidhoo

23 Jan 2023 | 14:44
protest in Guraidhoo

The opposition supporters in K. Guraidoo began protesting upon the arrival of incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, regarding the release of former President Yameen. It ceased as soon as he left.

Speaking to "Voice" President of  K. Guraidhoo council, Hussain Yameen, stated that a significant amount of people participated in the protest and that the participants were calling for the release of former President Yameen.

In addition, Yameen also stated that the police harmed the protesters whilst attempting to make sure their voices couldn’t be heard where the president’s team was operating.

“My people were harmed by the Police. They were brutal while using their authority.” Yameen said.

He repeatedly highlighted over the fact that protest was peaceful and that the actions taken by police were brutal.

President Solih arrived in K. Guraidhoo today in order to campaign for the upcoming presidential primary.