Maldives Islamic Bank expands digital services with new self-service kiosks

10 Jul 2024 | 17:33
Self -service kiosks

Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB) has introduced self-service kiosks at their service centers in a move to enhance customer independence.

These kiosks, now available in the capital city Malé and the nearby Hulhumalé, allow customers to access various banking services on their own. 

MIB assured that their staff will still be present at the service centers to assist customers in navigating these new kiosks.

This initiative is part of MIB’s broader strategy to improve service accessibility and customer convenience.

The bank has also announced ongoing efforts to extend these kiosk services to the atolls, ensuring wider access for customers across the country.

This is in line with MIB's commitment to expanding its service offerings and simplifying the banking process for its clientele.

Over the years, MIB has launched multiple offers and services, many of which are accessible online through their FaisaNet internet banking platform.

This allows customers to manage their banking needs from any part of the country. 

In addition to the new kiosks, MIB has established service centers at various locations nationwide and continues to expand its presence.

For customers unable to visit in person, MIB’s remote sales team provides a valuable service by visiting businesses and individual clients.

With these advancements, MIB reaffirms its dedication to providing comprehensive and accessible banking solutions to all its customers.