President Dr. Muizzu calls for fiscal responsibility and national unity on Islamic new year

07 Jul 2024 | 13:47
President Dr. Muizzu (Photo/President’s office)

President Dr. Muizzu delivered a compelling address to the people of Maldives on the commencement of the Hijri New Year, urging them to embrace fiscal responsibility by reducing unnecessary expenditures.

Drawing parallels from the Prophet's historic journey and achievements in Medina, the President highlighted the importance of adopting prudent economic practices to bolster the nation's economy.

In his address, President Dr. Muizzu expressed concerns about societal challenges such as drug abuse and crime, emphasizing the need for resilience and responsible spending habits among citizens.

He called for a renewed commitment from Maldivians to unite and spearhead reforms across national affairs, aiming for progress and prosperity in the year ahead.

Turning to regional solidarity, President Dr. Muizzu underscored the significance of enhancing support and cooperation with Muslim communities, particularly expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine.

He assured the nation of the government's steadfast dedication to realizing developmental aspirations through continuous efforts and collaborative initiatives.