President Dr. Muizzu send clear message to global community: Maldivian’s stance is crystal clear

23 Apr 2024 | 04:57
President Dr. Muizzu speaking at last night’s event

Following the landslide victory of the ruling party in the 20th parliament elections, President Dr. Muizzu delivered a resolute message to global community affirming Maldives' unwavering commitment to sovereignty and independence.

Addressing a jubilant fireworks event, the president emphasized the overwhelming support demonstrated by Maldivians for the government, sending a clear signal to both domestic and international observers.

The other countries watching these events, I hope it is clear to them what Maldivians want

asserted President Dr. Muizzu

While refraining from explicitly naming any specific country, the president's remarks were widely perceived as directed towards neighboring India, amid strained bilateral relations over defense-related matters.

Concerns have been raised regarding alleged interference by India, particularly regarding the presence of Indian military personnel in Maldives.

President Dr. Muizzu's administration had initiated discussions aimed at reevaluating such arrangements, asserting Maldives' sovereignty in defense matters.

In extending an invitation for unity, President Muizzu emphasized the importance of collaboration among all political parties and their leaders in driving the nation forward and extended the invitation to them to work together. 

The president's statement underscores Maldives' determination to assert its independence and sovereignty, particularly in defense-related affairs, amidst evolving regional dynamics.

As the nation celebrates its electoral triumph, President Muizzu's message serves as a poignant reminder of Maldives' resolve to chart its own course in the international arena.