Addu bridge construction set to start by year's end: President Dr. Muizzu

13 Apr 2024 | 05:09
President Dr. Muizzu speaking at last night's meeting (Photo/PNC)

President Dr. Muizzu has reiterated his dedication to the Addu Bridge project, assuring citizens that physical construction will commence before the year concludes and aiming for completion before his term ends.

Speaking at a meeting with citizens last night during his Addu City Hithadhoo campaign for parliamentary elections, the President underscored the sincerity of his commitments and the swift initiation of project efforts.

President Muizzu took early action on the Addu Bridge project, initiating it within the first 100 days of his tenure, signaling his resolve to fulfill promises promptly.

The survey and design tasks have been entrusted to Egypt's The Arab Contractors, with significant progress already achieved.

One-third of the design work is completed, and within the next two months, the entire design will be finalized,

 President Muizzu stated

emphasizing the government's intention to begin physical work before the year's end.

Asserting his commitment to timely completion, President Muizzu declared that by God's will, physical construction of the bridge will commence before the end of 2024.

He urged citizens to support his efforts, recognizing the challenges posed by parliamentary obstacles and urging the prioritization of Addu City's interests over political agendas.

Meeting pledges becomes challenging when there are differing views or opposition in parliament

President Muizzu remarked

emphasizing the importance of citizen support for project realization.

He cautioned against potential hindrances if current parliamentary dynamics persist, urging citizens to prioritize the city's welfare over political affiliations.