President Muizzu condemns unwarranted police response to PNF Gathering

10 Apr 2024 | 20:07
President Dr Muizzu speaking to mediaat Muleeaage', after Eid prayer and greetings today

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has expressed strong disapproval of the Special Operations Police (SO Police) deployment during the unrest surrounding the People's National Front (PNF) gathering, stressing that it was against his explicit instructions.

Talking to media after Eid prayer and greetings, President Muizzu assured that he would thoroughly investigate the events and take appropriate action.

The altercations erupted when PNF attempted to convene their Formation Meeting at Ghiyasuddeen International School's hall, despite the school's cancellation earlier in the day.

Despite PNF's claim of having permission, the situation escalated as SO police intervened, resulting in injuries to individuals from both sides.

President Muizzu reiterated his directives to refrain from deploying SO Police except under specific circumstances involving property damage, arson, physical assaults, or desecration of sacred places.

He emphasized his commitment to ensuring that law enforcement upholds public trust and refrains from unnecessary force, highlighting his dismay at the events contrary to his instructions.

I will know if there is a need to send SO Police. If this nation goes to that point, I will say then that it is time to send them. People's property being damaged, arson, physical attacks on people, or a sacred place such as a mosque being vandalized and damaged. Things will not even go to that level, God willing

stated President

Regarding the police response, President Dr. Muizzu clarified that upon learning of the venue change to the bridge platform near the old Newport restaurant, he instructed the Minister of Homeland Security to withhold police presence, even regular duty officers, from the location.

"I was that upset about the proceedings last night. Once I issued that order, not even a regular police officer was at the location. So meeting was very much allowed to proceed

President stated

He emphasized his desire for citizens to freely express their opinions without fear of police interference.

Expressing his commitment to upholding democratic principles, President Dr Muizzu affirmed citizens' right to form political parties and express political opinions freely.

He congratulated PNF on successfully holding their Formation Meeting, where Zain, son of former President Yameen, was appointed interim president and other party matters were decided.

I want to once again instill public trust in the police service. I want my government to have that trust

President Dr Muizzu asserted

underscoring his determination to investigate the failure to adhere to his directives and restore confidence in law enforcement.