PNF holds formation meeting amid obstacles, appoints Zain as Interim President

10 Apr 2024 | 19:27
Former president Yameen and his son Zain

In a tumultuous turn of events, the Formation Meeting of the People's National Front (PNF), spearheaded by former President Abdulla Yameen, descended into chaos on Tuesday night.

Despite a last-minute change of venue, Zain Abdulla Yameen, the son of the former president, was appointed Interim President of the newly formed political party.

Originally slated to convene at the Ghiyasudheen International School, the meeting faced a setback when the school withdrew its agreement due to logistical challenges.

Undeterred, PNF proceeded with the gathering at the school's hall, sparking a confrontation with law enforcement after police closed the gates citing a request for protection from the school.

Amidst the commotion, former Minister Maleeh Jamal announced a venue change to the bridge platform near the old Newport restaurant, rallying supporters to reconvene.

PNF took charge of preparing the new location, ensuring essential amenities such as electricity.

With the meeting commencing well past midnight, Zain Abdulla Yameen emerged as Interim President with the support of 329 attendees.

Key positions including interim General Secretary held by Maleeh Jamaal, and interim Treasurer held by Ahmed Mustafa were also appointed, alongside an interim committee consisting of twenty members, including Yameen and other prominent figures.

Additionally, decisions on the party's logo, official color (purple), and fundamental guidelines were finalized during the meeting.

Notably, despite earlier indications, former President Abdulla Yameen arrived after the conclusion of the meeting.