STO reports 85% distribution of free staples to Maldivian households

09 Apr 2024 | 19:41
STO staple warehouse

The State Trading Organization (STO) has announced that they have successfully distributed flour and rice to 85% of households across the Maldives.

Shimad Ibrahim, the managing director of STO, expressed satisfaction with the significant progress in distribution, considering the assumption of 90,000 households in the country.

Ibrahim highlighted the strategic approach taken by STO, relying on information provided by local councils for island distribution.

However, distribution in the Male' area posed challenges, leading to an estimation during the import process.

Despite the hurdles, STO emphasized the improved quality of staples this year, particularly noting the satisfactory quality of flour imported from Sri Lanka.

This distribution initiative aimed to provide essential staples to every household in the Maldives, ensuring better access to basic food necessities for the community.