President Dr. Muizzu affirms Addu bridge construction to commence by year's end

01 Apr 2024 | 22:07
President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu (Photo/PPM/PNC)

In a campaign rally event for PPM/PNC candidate Mohamed Shahid's candidacy in the upcoming parliamentary elections held on saturday night, President Dr. Muizzu reassured citizens of Hulhudhoo that construction on the Addu bridge will commence before the end of the year.

President Muizzu highlighted that feasibility studies for the bridge have been completed, and calculations based on surveys are currently underway.

He emphasized the administration's commitment to begin physical construction soon, aiming to officially initiate bridge works by the conclusion of 2024.

After this, we will commence the physical actual works, and as promised, before 2024 ends, we will initiate the official bridge works

affirmed President Muizzu

Addressing opposition criticisms during his speech, the President refuted claims of the bridge's insignificance.

He cited similar objections raised during the construction of the Sinamale' bridge, stressing the government's dedication to developmental projects aimed at enhancing citizens' lives.

Now they are saying, like they said before, 'this is not possible, where is the engineering, there won't be funds for that.' I urge the citizens to not believe such talks

emphasized the President

Contrary to opposition assertions, President Dr. Muizzu underscored that the Addu bridge is not merely for a select few but rather a transformative endeavor set to revolutionize the entire Addu City, fostering comprehensive development.