Presidency marked by lofty discussions of military agreements, but no action so far: Mariya

01 Apr 2024 | 21:05
Former Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi in the campaign event (Photo/MDP)

Former Defense Minister and ex-chairperson of MDP, Mariya Ahmed Didi, launched scathing criticism against President Muizzu, accusing him of engaging in empty rhetoric regarding military agreements before assuming presidency.

At a campaign event held on Friday night ahead of the upcoming parliament elections, Mariya emphasized that Muizzu's presidency has been marked by grandiose promises but a lack of substantive action.

President Muizzu came into power talking about foreign military presence and agreements, but nothing has materialized. It's all lies and deceit

Mariya stated

She pointed out the discrepancy between promises made during the campaign and the current state of affairs, noting President Muizzu's failure to engage with former President Yameen, despite earlier claims of seeking his advice.

In addition, Mariya criticized the administration for instilling fear among citizens regarding job security.

She highlighted instances where individuals expressed reluctance to participate in MDP events out of fear of repercussions.

Mariya also raised concerns about halted projects in Male and other islands under President Muizzu's leadership.