Country's governance not to be dictated by foreign ambassadors: President Dr. Muizzu

01 Apr 2024 | 19:29
President Dr. Muizzu in yesterdays campaign event

President Dr. Muizzu has cautioned against allowing external influences to dictate the direction of governance in the Maldives.

Speaking at an event organized by the PNC for the upcoming parliament elections, the president emphasized the importance of maintaining the country's independence and sovereignty in decision-making processes.

President Dr. Muizzu cautioned against allowing the country's trajectory to align with the opposition party MDP's campaign slogan "direction to the right path."

He stressed the importance of not affording any opportunity for external forces to influence the nation's direction, implying that the opposition party aims to steer the country in a direction contrary to the government's vision.

This is an independent sovereign country. The decisions of this country will be taken by Maldivians. Things in the country should not run based on how others say or what the ambassador from the closest country says. Maldivians are past this

stated President Dr. Muizzu

Expressing skepticism towards the opposition's agenda, the President warned against deviating from the path set during the presidential election, which he deemed as the right direction for the country.

He criticized the opposition's alleged inclination to align the country's policies with the preferences of foreign ambassadors.

They want to change the direction of the country based on what the ambassadors of other countries say. We shouldn't give them that opportunity

 remarked President Dr. Muizzu

While the President did not specify the ambassador in question during his speech, strained bilateral relations have been observed between the Maldives and India as President Muizzu's administration has taken steps to remove Indian military presence in the Maldives, with plans to withdraw stationed Indian troops by May 10.

The President emphasized that his administration's policies aim to benefit Maldivian citizens and instill confidence in investors.

However, he cautioned against succumbing to external pressures and urged Maldivians to uphold their sovereignty in shaping the country's future.