Presidential Resolution maps out new airport development in Maldives

28 Mar 2024 | 16:58
Velana International Airport (Photo/MACL)

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has issued a resolution outlining the islands where airports will be constructed across the Maldives.

Gazetted by the President's Office, the resolution also sets forth the minimum investment required for these airport development projects, emphasizing their economic significance.

According to the resolution published yesterday, President Muizzu has earmarked nine new locations for airport construction, in addition to several ongoing projects.

The newly designated sites for airport development include

-  Haa Alif Dhidhoo

- Shaviyani Dhiguveli

- Shaviyani Milandhoo

- Noonu Vihafaru

- Raa Fainu

- Alif Alif Mathiveri

- Faafu Nilandhoo

- Gaafu Alif Maalhendhoo

- Thaa Guraidhoo.

Furthermore, the resolution calls for the continuation of construction on airports where work has already commenced, such as

- Haa Dhaalu Makunudhoo

- Shaviyani Bileffahi

- Raa Alifushi

- Thaa Vilufushi

- Meemu Muli.

In line with the resolution, a minimum investment of USD 5 million is stipulated for the development of new airports, while USD 4 million is allocated for ongoing airport projects.

Additionally, the President has directed the enhancement of existing airports and the establishment of a second airport in Lammu Atoll, along with the development of international airports in Gaafu Alif Villingili and Thinadhoo City.

Specifically, the resolution outlines a budget of USD 7 million for the construction of an international airport in Gaafu Dhaalu Thinadhoo and Gaafu Alif Villingili.

Furthermore, it earmarks USD 7 million for a coastal tourism project in Laamu Gan and an additional USD 10 million for a similar project in Addu.