Report: GDh Atoll's transformation- USD 600 Million investment fuels development

23 Feb 2024 | 11:00
Thinadhoo airport concept design

In a momentous Tuesday night meeting in GDh Thinadhoo, President Muizzu took the first steps to transform Huvadhoo Atoll into a tourism hub, bringing unprecedented economic opportunities and development to the region.

The centerpiece of the meeting is the construction of international airport in Thinadhoo, a project valued at USD 400-600 million dollars.

Thailand Pan Pacific Company is spearheading the venture, marking it as the largest foreign investment project in the Maldives at present.

The substantial investment also encompasses the development of 12 resorts in the atoll, signaling a new era of progress for the inhabitants spread across the atoll's 10 islands which comprise of 150 Islands in total.

International Airport Construction in Thinadhoo

The centerpiece of these transformative endeavors is the construction of an international airport in Thinadhoo, a monumental project valued at an estimated USD 400-600 million dollars.

Spearheaded by Thailand Pan Pacific Company, this project stands as the largest foreign investment initiative in the Maldives, signaling a new era of connectivity and accessibility for the region.

Resort Development: A Boon for Tourism

Simultaneously, plans include the development of 12 resorts across GDh Atoll, a substantial investment that signifies a robust commitment to bolstering the local tourism industry.

The Pan Pacific contractor is set to play a pivotal role, injecting a remarkable 6-9 billion dollars into this  project, promising to transform the atoll into a sought-after destination for global travelers.

Technological Marvels Enhancing Tourism Infrastructure

A visual preview of the airport project has revealed groundbreaking technologies, including a floating terminal.

This commitment to cutting-edge technology aims to redefine the tourist experience, providing unparalleled amenities and creating an environment conducive to thriving businesses.

The comprehensive facilities of the international airport, including a 4 km Code F runway, a flying school, cargo services, a fuel farm, air ambulance services, and decompression chambers, underscore the dedication to elevating GDh Atoll's tourism infrastructure.

Ministerial Vision and Economic Unlocking

Minister of Construction and Infrastructure, Dr. Abdulla Muththalib, emphasized the urgent need for an international airport to unlock GDh Atoll's untapped economic potential.

He addressed longstanding economic challenges and limited support, highlighting the airport project as a catalyst for propelling the region towards progress.

We only have 8 guest houses with 116 beds, but we do have 133 islands with no inhabitants. We are unable to use such a big resource because of the lack of support from governments

Stated  Minister

Minister Muththalib further highlighted that recognizing the expansive nature of GDh Atoll, additional plans include the construction of a seaplane hub to efficiently transport tourists to the various resorts. 

This initiative adds another layer of convenience for visitors and further solidifies the atoll's position as a premier tourism destination.

President's Assurance: A Two-Year Timeline for Transformation

President Muizzu assured citizens that the airport project would be completed within two years, with benefits soon to follow.

The commitment extends beyond the airport, with plans to reclaim additional land, create a 50-hectare area, and a revised 30-40 year master plan, surpassing the initially proposed 20-year timeline.

The increase in airports and resorts, God willing, will ensure not a 20-year master plan but the development of this City for approximately 40 years

stated President

The president further emphasized the landmark design of the airport, anticipating it to be a major tourism attraction within the atoll and as a project that will bring thousands of job opportunities.

Promise Fulfilled: Concrete Action Begins

The initiation of these multibillion-dollar projects marks the fulfillment of President Muizzu's campaign promise to build an international airport in GDh Thinadhoo, setting the stage for prosperity and progress for the people of Huvadhoo Atoll.

As these projects unfold, GDh Atoll is poised to emerge as a beacon of economic vitality and a model for sustainable development in the Maldives.