First underwater tunnel to connect Male’ and Rasmale’ unveiled by President Dr Mohamed Muizzu

23 Jan 2024 | 10:11
An underwater tunnel: photo/CNM

In a landmark announcement during the oath-taking ceremony of newly elected Mayor Adam Azim, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu revealed plans for the construction of the first underwater tunnel connecting Male' to Rasmale'.

The ambitious project aims to address housing issues within the next five years, with further emphasis on land reclamation.

President Muizzu highlighted the initiation of the Rasmale' project, designed to tackle housing challenges, emphasizing the commitment to connect Male' to Rasmale' through an innovative underwater tunnel.

The President expressed optimism, stating, "With the blessing of Allah SWT, we will construct the first-ever underwater tunnel, offering drivers a breathtaking view of the underwater scenery."

The Rasmale' project is anticipated to significantly benefit the tourism sector, fostering enhanced connectivity for residents in and around Male'.

President Muizzu emphasized collaboration with capable companies, initiating feasibility works to ensure the project's success.

The broader Rasmale' initiative encompasses various innovative projects, with plans for additional bridge projects in different areas.

Despite these promising developments, the opposition party MDP has criticized the project, underscoring concerns related to the absence of a bridge connecting Male' and Rasmale'.

Mayor Adam Azim, in a subtle critique during tonight's ceremony, voiced the citizens' preference for housing in areas accessible by bridges.

He highlighted the paramount importance of connecting Male' to regions through bridge projects, reflecting the aspirations of residents.

As discussions and feasibility studies progress, the underwater tunnel project stands as a symbol of transformative infrastructure development, promising positive impacts on housing, tourism, and regional connectivity.