Opposition candidate Dr. Muizzu wins the presidential election

30 Sep 2023 | 23:59
Muizz and Sembe

Opposition candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has won the Maldivian presidential election. 

The second round of voting was held after none of the eight candidates in the first round of the presidential election received 50 per cent, while the second round was contested by the maldives' largest political party, MDP's presidential candidate and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and the second largest political party PPM/PNC's presidential candidate and Male' City Council Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. 

The second round of polling has been completed and the results of most polling booths have declared Dr. Mohamed Muizzu as the winner.  

Muizzu received 1,25,889 votes, which was 53.8 per cent. President Solih received 1,08,124 votes, which was 46.2%.  

PPM-PNC candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu will become the President of the Maldives for the next five years.