Opposition candidate Dr Muizzu raises concerns over the surge in voter re-registration

17 Sep 2023 | 17:29
Dr. Muizzu in a campaign rally. Source: PPM

The Maldivian Opposition candidate Dr. Muizzu has started to raise concerns over the recent surge in re-registration numbers. 

According to the Election Commission, over 25,000 people have applied for re-registration within two days of reopening to register.

In tweets from the first-round winner and opposition leader of the 2023 presidential election, Dr Muizzu has questioned the recent re-registration of 25,000 people within two days. He raised the concern of a huge number of voter registrations and called all relevant authorities to investigate the following immediately.  

He further called upon the relevant parties and international bodies to investigate the following matter. 

Several other politicians and parties have also raised concerns over the following including the deputy parliament speaker Eva Abdulla and MP Saeed of Maavashu consistency.