Adeeb's Overseas Permit Expires; Still in abroad!

24 Jul 2023 | 09:00
Adeeb's Overseas Permit Expires: Failure to Return to Maldives!

The permit granted to Adeeb, who has been serving his sentence under house arrest in connection with the MMPRC Corruption case, by the Maldives Correctional Service for overseas medical treatment, has now lapsed.

On the night of the 12th of this month, Mr. Adeeb departed for Singapore to seek medical treatment. The Maldives Correctional Service authorized his travel to undergo medical examinations that were not accessible within the Maldives.

As per the stipulated 10-day deadline issued by the corrections authorities for Mr. Adeeb to undergo treatment, he was expected to return day before yesterday.

Nonetheless, in response to inquiries made by "Voice," the corrections media officer revealed that Adeeb has not returned even after the deadline has lapsed. 

The media officer explained that Adeeb requested an extension of the deadline, citing that the medical treatment is still ongoing and yet to be concluded.

The corrections media's official stated that the medical documents presented by Adeeb to support his request for an extension of his permit are currently under observation and review.

Adeeb is someone who has been sentenced to a 20-year imprisonment in relation to the MMPRC corruption case. However, as part of a plea bargain between him and the state, he is serving his sentence under house arrest rather than in a traditional prison setting.