Adeeb to be granted permission to travel abroad

11 Jul 2023 | 18:14

Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb, who has been convicted in the MMPRC corruption case, has been granted permission by the Maldives Correctional Service to travel abroad for medical treatment.

Adeeb family has officially confirmed this information through a statement. Adeeb was recently admitted to the hospital due to a significant deterioration in his health condition.

According to the corrections authorities, Adeeb was transferred back to his residence after receiving 24 hours of medical treatment at the hospital. 

Additionally, certain members of his political party have taken to social media to disclose that he is undergoing treatment for a serious condition that cannot be adequately addressed within the Maldives.

The Maldives Third Way Democrats have stated that Adeeb is suffering from a life-threatening condition related to the nervous system, which he reportedly acquired during his time in jail. 

Following the approval for his medical treatment abroad, Adeeb is scheduled to travel to Singapore.

The opposition has raised significant concerns, alleging that the timing of Adeeb’s approval to leave for medical treatment coincides with the upcoming presidential elections. 

Adeeb has provided a statement regarding the R. Fuhgiri lease case, which involves the state's charges against the political leader of the opposition, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

The opposition is alleging that Adeeb’s departure for medical treatment is the result of a deal struck between the government and Adeeb, with the understanding that Adeeb would provide a statement against Yameen. 

On the other hand, the state has stated in court that the sole evidence in the Fuhgiri case is the statement given by the former managing director of MMPRC, Abdulla Ziyath.

The opposition has previously asserted that the Fuhgiri case cannot proceed without Adeeb’s statement against Yameen. 

Consequently, they claim that the state had no alternative but to allow Adeeb to go abroad in exchange for his statement. 

This perspective suggests a connection between Addeb’s departure for medical treatment and the potential impact on the Fuhgiri case involving Yameen.

It is indeed noteworthy that Adeeb made an attempted escape from the Maldives on a tug boat shortly after being placed under house arrest. This incident highlights an important aspect of Adeeb’s history and raises questions about his actions and intentions during that time.