Maldives Police Face Allegations of Excessive Force During Peaceful Protest

22 Jun 2023 | 16:17
Maldives Police Face Allegations of Excessive Force During Peaceful Protest

In a supposedly peaceful protest, allegations of excessive force by the Maldives Police have emerged, causing multiple angry tweets. 

Several people claimed that the police resorted to pepper spraying senior citizens, protesters, and even journalists at close range, resulting in injuries, particularly affecting their eyes.

Ahmed Shiyam, parliament member of the Naifaru constituency, expressed concern over the police's use of force during the demonstration in a tweet. 

MP Shiyam emphasized the importance of the police upholding the rule of law and maintaining public order, rather than executing potentially unlawful orders from politicians. 

Parliament Member Hussain Mohamed Latheef of the Faresmathoda constituency was reported to have sustained significant eye injuries during the incident.

Parliament Member Mohamed Saeed also criticized the police's actions, highlighting several pressing issues affecting the country. 

MP Saeed pointed out the perceived challenges to rights of assembly and freedom of expression, a month-long parliamentary deadlock, the prolonged incarceration of an opposition leader and Presidential candidate, the lockdown of the Fiscal Responsibility Act, the national debt reaching R$110 billion, the creation of 15,000 political jobs in 1.5 years primarily related to elections, and a rise in unknown deaths. 

Saeed urged fact-checking to ascertain the accuracy of the information provided and questioned the effectiveness of constitutional remedies under the current government.

PPM (Progressive Party of Maldives), through their official twitter, voiced their disapproval of the police's alleged use of excessive force. They condemned the alleged mistreatment of supposedly peaceful protestors and emphasized the imperative of upholding human rights and protecting peaceful assembly.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, with many users expressing their concerns about the alleged excessive use of force by the police. The Maldives Police Service and government officials have yet to release an official statement regarding the incident.

As the situation unfolds, calls for an impartial investigation into the police's conduct and the protection of democratic values are likely to intensify. The government, led by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, faces the challenge of addressing these concerns.