"Opponents of Territorial Water Sale" Unite to Oust Current Regime: Waheedh

03 Jun 2023 | 12:51
MP Wadde

Member Mohamed Waheed (Wadde), of the ungoofaaru constituency, has expressed that despite political differences, opposition has reached a consensus on their collective commitment to challenge the current administration's authority during the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for September 9th.

Member wadde made this statement while addressing the crowd at a gathering organized by the opposition group Etihad, which took place last night at the carnival area. The gathering was held in protest against the sale of territorial waters.

He criticized President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, accusing him of betraying the country and acting traitorously by relinquishing a significant portion of Maldivian territorial waters.

It was also stated by him that government leaders fled after falsely claiming a significant victory in the Chagos-Maldives border dispute. They had misled the public, prompting a meeting between the entire cabinet, Wadde, and President Solih to address the issue.

He mentioned that during the discussions on the dispute, certain parliamentary members supported Mauritius, and added that this is the current condition of Maldives. 

Wadde also expressed concern that the government's practice of providing job opportunities to individuals is stifling the creativity of Maldivians. As a result, there is a shortage of fishermen in the Maldives under this administration.

Furthermore, he stated that despite political disagreements, even the opposition is united in their belief that Maldivian territorial waters should remain under national jurisdiction. They are determined to bring about a change in leadership during the upcoming presidential elections.

“Despite our political differences, one thing we all agree on is the need to bring about a change in leadership on the 9th of September. There is a unanimous voice among us when it comes to opposing the sale of our territorial waters,”.

MP Wadde