MDP's Main Political Center Broken Into, Belongings Damaged

30 May 2023 | 23:43
MDP’s main center

Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) issued a formal statement denouncing the unlawful intrusion and vandalism at its main center, resulting in significant damage to the party's property and unauthorized access to the premises.

According to the MDP, the party utilizes the mentioned property for its political endeavors through a formal agreement with the owner, where rent is consistently paid.

As per the MDP, although they have been utilizing the property based on a verbal agreement that grants them usage until the conclusion of the 2023 presidential election, the property owner has violated this agreement. 

Consequently, MDP has filed a complaint in civil court.

MDP has stated that they have formally requested the court to grant the property owner an extension until July 31st, allowing MDP sufficient time to secure an alternative location and vacate the premises.

MDP strongly condemns the act of damaging another party's property in the context of a political disagreement, deeming it highly indecent. They have asserted their commitment to taking legal action against the perpetrators of this unlawful act and involving the appropriate authorities to ensure justice is served.